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Coal carbonization process generate Coking Coal and most valuable volatile matters convert into Crude Coal Tar which is further processed to recover wide range of products. Residue/Coal Tar Pitch is used for major industrial activities of Aluminum, Graphite, Electrodes etc. Coal Tar Pitch is further processed and when blended with fillers make long life protective coating of Coal Tar Enamel Hotapplied or Cold applied.

Company has now commenced production of Epoxy based coaltar epoxy, Food grade expoxy, Zinc & Aluminium based coatings and primers to protect pielines and large scale Vachinery & Industrial plants & Structures.

Now a days water has limited sources and is scarce, therefore water pipelines are needed which can be protected with Coal Tar based coatings.

Company is an ISO 9008 certified unit by D.N.V. for manufacturer of Coal Tar Enamel and Primers to ensure quality product. Company has undertaken Highest Production in India of Coal Tar Enamel & Primer during 2001-02. Our company has been approved and enlisted in Indian Oil Corporation Limited's mainline project job forC.T.E Grade 120/5 & Primer EIL & ONGC offshore approval for coatingof Cross Country pipeline.